Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nun Nones

So what does it mean when you are singing Ave Maria and the two nuns who have come into your non-Catholic church up and leave while you are singing?! Oh, the pressure!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Church band rehearsals are worship too

You know how it is when you're working on a new song, and some of the band members just can't get their part quite right? So you keep going over and over the song so that person (or people) can figure it out, get the timing right, make sure they've got the same music everyone else does....

We just had one of those nights.

The Band, to me, is instrument-driven rather than vocal-driven -- as I guess most rock bands are. Many times, though, the vocalists are left to our own devices while the instrumentalists work out what they have to do. So that means there's a lot of waiting and being patient on our part.

So tonight, I got to sing only a few lines. But it doesn't make a difference to me. Even though it's just a rehearsal, I still feel it's worship. After all, if you sing the word "hallelujah," how can you not think about praising God?! That means there are no meaningless or boring rehearsals. We are gathering in his name. We are singing praises to him. We pray.

That's worship!

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